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Old news gets moved here.


We can use the help from everybody who visits the site. Even if all you have to make is the addition of a couple of words, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


We have a featured article! It's up there ^

4/8/08 We've moved!

Welcome to the new wiki, hosted by Xairu!

Also, Xairu, Laserrobotics, Pwntastic, VDZx, Snipufin and BLah are now admins.


Please remember to log in when editing articles. It helps a lot and you would probably want recognition for your work, right?


Okay, we still could use a couple more editors.

Check out our cool new ... well, I guess everything.

3/29/08 First Update

This wiki exists now. We need more editors!

Remember the Wanted Pages article.

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