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This is a list of programs that will work for recording videos of your Audiosurf runs.


Fraps is a professional screen recording program. It is what most people will recommend to you if you ask on the forums.


  • Will record everything


  • Costs money (free version can only record for 30 seconds a time and has a watermark)
  • May affect fps for some
  • Huge .avi filesize


WeGames is a game capture program.


  • Is free
  • Has it's own site for uploading your videos
  • Will not affect fps (you may have to use normal graphics)
  • Will record in fullscreen or in beginning window size


  • Limited graphics quality
  • Only works with some specified games (Audiosurf is one of them)
  • Video and audio may become unsynchronized near end of movies(rare problem)


Camstudio is like a demo version of Camtasia, but it doesn't expire and has no recording limits. It is an amateur screen recording program.


  • Is free
  • Will record everything


  • Very limited graphics quality
  • Will slow fps down considerably

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